Our aim is to help you in the best way that we can. We have suggested some specialised sources of information and advice to help guide you through times of difficulty.

Practical support to help with a range of issues is accessible from various dependable sources. The organisations mentioned below are experts in their particular specialisms and all are freely accessible.

Financial Worries or Personal Debt

Households are subject to increasing financial strain with incomes under growing pressure.

Many families have struggled to maintain a balanced household budget and this can lead to real difficulties. More households have worrying levels of personal debts, payments of which can quickly undermine the ability to balance monthly day-to-day costs.

The following organisations are non-profit-making and are fully committed to helping individuals and families to reach manageable payment arrangements with creditors.

Fulfilling a vital role of support and assistance, they can help people to re-balance their personal and household finances in a sustainable way.

If you’re under financial pressure and/or are having difficulty in making regular payments on credit/store cards or have other debts which are causing you worry, please consider making reference to the resources below.


National Debtline


State Benefits and Entitlement

Detailed information about the range of benefits available, who can qualify and how to claim, is available here:

Impartial information and advice regarding all State Benefits is available from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website

Information and practical advice in relation to employment, benefits, housing rights, health and legal matters, etc. can also be found on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website:

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